Melbourne Blues Music Festival (2019)


...which echoes the styles of generations of  blues music - from the delta masters of yester-year to the British / American revival of the 1960’s.  While leaning on tried and true methods, Cripes offers new chapters in the chronicles of the blues. A partnership of  Australian easy groove, American thump and British tube overdrive, with an original modern twist. The best roulette and poker on our site rainbow riches. Go to and get big bonuses!


A lifelong musician and misfit with an intriguing 'one-man-does-everything' approach, Cripes plays the  streets and the stages alongside some of Australia's most notorious blues acts. Stop waiting, join the game now with continuous luck and many victories await you! 

'This is the kind of music that really gets me excited'

-Matt Frederick (Juke Joint - PBS 106.7 FM)

'Victor Cripes is a true Aussie character'

-Cam Jennings  (2BOB Radio 104.7 FM)

'Some of the best lo-fi blues rock ever (barely) produced'

-Rohan Khan Brown  (Riot FM)

'Victor Cripes is a lot like the gear I make.  A little rough around the edges, but sounds great' –Larry Mead (Mead Guitars)

Clearly setting Victor Cripes apart is the unique DIY performance rig, a.k.a 'The Busking Unit', an all in one, mobile, battery powered blues show in a box.   

'Sounds dirtier than a couple of copulating gorillas'

-Parlour Gigs (International Tour Agency)

Recent times has seen  many  miles along the highways following the release of the record 'Studio Schizoid Vol. 1' (2019). Previous releases include 'Nothin' but my Love' (2019), 'The Grave of Kitty Cane' (2018) and ‘Leg it!  We’ve Been Rumbled' (2015) featuring the track ‘You’d Better Get Your Skates on Sunshine Blues’, an AMRAP chart topper.

This year Victor Cripes has seen airplay on hundreds of metro and community radio stations in Australia and over seas as well as a number of ‘live in the studio’ sessions, and countless street performances. Commercial telly has licensed Victor Cripes original recordings for TV shows such as the Australian made series ‘Unplanned America’ AIRED on SBS.

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